Stuff you need to know!

  • How durable is Bamboo Fencing such as "The Good Neighbor Fence"?
  • If I order today when can I get my fence?
  • Does Big Bamboo Co. install this fence?
  • What kind of applications is this fence suited for?
  • What makes your fence better than the rest?
  • Why should I buy your fence when I can find one less expensive?

  • Q: How durable is Bamboo Fencing such as "The Good Neighbor Fence"?

    A: You can expect a service life of over 15 years for the Good Neighbor Fence provided that it's properly installed. There are some factors that will reduce the life of this as well as any fence of natural material such as amount of direct sunlight and extreme climate changes from season to season.. As with ANY bamboo fence these conditions can reduce the life of service just as these same conditions reduce the life of regular wood fences.


    Q: How strong is bamboo?

    A: Bamboo is very strong, especially when in whole form. We use Tonkin bamboo poles in whole form to construct our fence for many reasons. Tonkin is one of the best bamboo for this type application due to it's strength, straightness, and uniformity. We know that bamboo is at it's strongest when in whole form so we never construct the Good Neighbor Fence using the wire through the bamboo method that other companies use.

    Physical Properties
    - Bamboo (Tonkin cane) has some excellent physical properties. These include light weight, elasticity, and high strength. The following table shows some comparative data:

    Material Modulus (x 1000 psi) Strength
    Alaskan Cedar 1.14 6.4
    Sitka Spruce 1.23 5.7
    Douglas Fir 1.35 6.8
    Fibreglass Polyester 2.5 59
    Fibreglass Phenolic 5 110
    Fibreglass Epoxite 5.3 120
    Bamboo (Tonkin cane) 6.4 165
    Graphite (Low Modulus) 19.4 250
    Graphite Epoxite 33 148

    From this data one can observe that bamboo is actually stronger and stiffer than wood and fibreglass, while not being as strong as some of the graphites. By way of explanation, the term 'modulus' is a measure of stiffness and is the ratio of stress to strain within the elastic limit of the material. The elastic limit is that point to which materials can be stressed without incurring permanent deformation. Generally speaking, the materials with a higher modulus also have a higher tensile strength.

    This information has been taken partially from 'Constructing Cane Rods - Secrets of the Bamboo Fly Rod' of Ray Gould, the author.

    This example shows a piece of bamboo 10 years in age. After some of the outer portion is scraped back, you can see the internal fibers, indicating that it still structurally solid.

    Q:Will your fence work for me?

    A: Odds are it will. We can say that for many reasons. We build the Good Neighbor Fence in house rather than simply importing the finished product from another country over seas. This enables us to build your fence for YOU not just for most people. For example: You need 50 ft. of fence some of which is a standard 6ft. In height but some is only 34 1/2 inches in height. Well you came to the right place because we custom build this fence to your specs. It even goes further than that, what if you need 1 piece of fence 17 1/2 foot long? Well we have you covered due to out product being Proudly made here in the US by Big Bamboo Co. we can make each section of fence as long as you wish and can handle the weight. You may ask how do you do this? Well as our experience has taught us not everyone wants the same fence for the same applications. This has led us to develop methods for producing this wonderful product with flexibility in height and length without sacrificing strength. We produce a woven fence using 10 strands of 14ga. Copper clad steel wire. With our machinery and manufacturing process we can give the customer what He or She wants as well needs. 
    Q: If I order today when can I get my fence?

    A: Of course this will depend on many factors, such as amount ordered and current back log. We build our fence on a per order basis for each customer per their specs. This does take longer and is subject to delay, but is certainly worth the potential wait. What this method does for you is ensures YOU the customer that out attention is focused on your order and ensures you to have the highest quality product available. If we didn't offer this level of service and simply imported products from overseas with our label applied, there would be NO way to ensure quality to our customers and we would not stand out in the bamboo fence industry. At the time ordering our product you will be given a target date of delivery with your input of course!
    Q: Can I pick up my fence from your place of business?

    A: Sure! We always do all we can to help our customers cut cost of their purchase. We have done just about everything you can think of to help out when we can. If this means meeting a customer at the office on weekends or after hours to arrange a pick up we are always up to the task. In the past we have even delivered products to our customers who are local for a great reduction in shipping cost. Remember Big Bamboo is here to help you, the customer.

    Q: Can I modify this fence to meet my needs?

    A: It is possible to cut the fence down to size if needed, but not recommended, due to the difficulty. This is the honest answer to this common question about modifying bamboo fences. The difficulty is in keeping the fence from splitting or fraying at the cutting location when trying to cut a whole section of fence. There are also safety issues as the fence is being cut. This has led us to develop methods of manufacturing that enable us to custom build to your specs for a minimal cost, ensuring you big savings in time, quality, and safety. What you get is a finished product with the best quality that is ready for application. We believe that our product should fit your application NOT your application should fit our product.

    Q:Does Big Bamboo Co. install this fence?

    A: Generally no, due to our commitments to our customers' orders. We can install when schedule permits and the customer is local. We encourage our customers to use local labor in the installation of their fence and gladly offer tech. assistance to make installation quick and easy. Remember, our fence is different and much easier to install than many of the other fences on the market and we are ALWAYS available for tech help. This means after hours and weekends because we know this is the most common time people just like us work around the house.

    Q: What kind of applications is this fence suited for?

    A: The applications are only limited by your imagination! Every time I think I have seen every possible application for our fence, a new customer will call with a great idea and wants to use our fence for the project. What makes our fence so useable is us! We are not only willing to but happy to customize YOUR fence to fit your application. I have said many times" We at Big Bamboo Co. believe our fence should fit your application NOT your application should fit our fence" This thinking of ours has enabled us to use the Good Neighbor Fence for hundreds of different applications and with the help from our future customers hundreds more!

  • Q: What makes your fence better than the rest?

    A: Quality. Plain and simple!!! We use only the best materials hand selected for our Good Neighbor Fence. Yes it takes longer to produce and yes it cost more money to produce, but we think our customers are worth the extra time and effort. Our manufacturing process ensures a superior product that we are proud to supply to our customers. We are always happy to send a sample of our products to any new customer with little or no cost to them as we know when they see our products compared to other companies that simply import bamboo it will result in a sale as well as a long business relationship.

    Q: Why should I buy your fence when I can find one less expensive?

    A: Many times when you buy a cheaper product that just what you get! Keep in mind after installation or a few years after the purchase your cheaper fence just may be more expensive than you thought considering the extra time to install or modify your cheap fence to fit your application. Or after a few years when the construction of a lesser product losses it's luster and needs replacement. All things considered, in many situations you can pay now or you can really pay later. One thing to consider when making your purchase is how and who has made the product. We make ours here in the US with pride and we are accountable for any quality issue. Not so for most of the other guys out there. Most never even see what they are sending to their customers. It comes in from another country in a bag, sits in a warehouse until some one orders it and then shipped out to the customer. This is fine as long as there were no problems during manufacturing, handling, packaging, shipping along the very long way in which it arrived. This is why we must build our own fence to ensure that when it leaves out docks, it's in perfect condition. Any damage upon it's arrival to our customer is promptly handled and our shipper is held accountable not the customer.

    Q: Why is your fence more expensive?

    A: It cost us far more to produce! We use better materials as well as better methods of construction. We have refined our process to ensure the best product to the customer as possible at the least cost that we can produce it. We too have considered importing pre-made fence from over seas to better compete with the other guys, but it is a much lesser product and we would have little control over quality. Time will tell how well those overseas fences fair and what the market will allow in quality, but for now we are happy to make the best fence here in the US.

    Q: Can you provide fence made from large diameter bamboo?

    A: Yes we can but there are some issues that you need to be aware of. We weave our fence with 10 strands of wire to ensure the best quality possible unlike the fence that has just a few wires run through the center of them. What this means is when you drill a hole through bamboo if becomes weaker in that area drilled. Also larger bamboo is more susceptible to splitting than smaller poles. So when you buy a fence made from larger bamboo make sure it is woven otherwise there is a great chance the poles will split where the wires are running through the poles.. Remember bamboo is a natural product and is subject to crack and or split over time, we just like to minimize that chance as much as possible.

    Q: What makes Big Bamboo Co. The right company for my bamboo needs?

    A: Service, quality, and cost! We ARE the people that supply bamboo. WE are NOT the middle man! We know what we send our customers and are proud of that fact. We grow our own bamboo for over 90% of our products When we are forced to import raw material from middle men, we go through all we receive to weed out material that doesn't meet our standards. So when you call us and order a pole 12 ft. long and 3in. diameter. we picked it out for you in one of our groves as a living mature plant and that's where our process begins. We know from our experience from imported bamboo that there is NO recourse from a customer standpoint on quality issues. When you get imported bamboo that is dirty, cracked, split and such, you are stuck with it. Odds are if you have ever ordered bamboo and received beautiful product that was clean, undamaged and all looked the same, it came from us through another supplier. We welcome the chance to make you our customer and we will send you samples of our material with little or no cost to you. Ask around and have the other guys send samples of what they are selling before purchasing their products.