We Are A Major USA Source!
We grow It, Process It and Sell It Direct To You!

We Are A Major USA Source! at www.thebigbamboocompany.com

The Big Bamboo Company runs a farm spanning many acres. All maintained daily to ensure the finest product for our buyers. In the past we have provided primarily wholesale services to retailers and always being the company behind the company. Now The Big Bamboo Company is taking our growing and process power straight to the consumer. And you should know... that means no middle man, lower prices and direct quality assured service and support.

Our Goal

Offer service unmatched in the industry.

The Big Bamboo Company will offer quality products made from environmentally friendly materials. Bamboo is an sound choice, in addition to being a far superior material for use in a variety of products.

The Big Bamboo Company will only sell products that are:
Aesthetically Beautiful
Superior in Quality

The Big Bamboo Company's goal is to promote the use of bamboo for common everyday products and to offer those unique services only a locally owned company can provide.

Our staff is able to inform our customers as to which product is best for their particular need. We are always available to discuss and advise.

Ray and Travis Peavy have proven expertise in all areas of pole selction, plant choices and knowledge of the best methods for installation.

Our Bamboo Roll Fencing which is commonly used for Good Neighbor fencing has absolutely the best construction in the industry. And we fabricate the only woven fence that can be made to fit a customers exact demensions and design. This separates us from our competition in that we are able to grow and fabricate to order. Just ask any other company to fabricate a woven fence to a different height and length and then call us!
We do offer volume discounts on large orders but of course, we will also priority price small orders. Any order over $500.00 always earns a free gift with a value of at least $25.00.

We will never be outperformed on sales and service. We will increase our plant sales by 500% by 2007 and at all times will have at least 2000 potted plants available for sale. These will vary in sizes, colors or species.
Never be affraid to ask for any size plant or any other unusual product request. As the bamboo source we almost always "Can Do"!
R & T Peavy
Phone: 1-866-854-0019 or 478-676-4445
Dexter, Georgia