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When it comes to Bamboo Parts, we have it all. Bamboo Fences (Roll and Privacy), Poles, Half Rounds, Lumber and more.

Below is a list of our Bamboo Departments with descriptions. Click on the Department name to see whole Department and all Categories in it, or click just a Category name to narrow your browsing. This is the subtitle. Press/Topic Item "DepartmentSelect"

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1. Bamboo Poles
We have a size for almost any purpose. If you need it, we'll cut it to order.

Diameters from 3/4 inch to 5 inch in a vairety of species. Custom lengths up to 53 feet. We select these from our own Bamboo groves. Selecting from over one million bamboo poles.
Categories: Aurea Bamboo Poles  Black Bamboo Poles  Giant Timber Bamboo Poles  Henon Bamboo  Vivax Bamboo Poles 
2. Bamboo Fencing
We grow many varieties and sizes of bamboo for your fence project. We can also process it and fabricate your fence to order and then help get it built.

We are the only Bamboo Company that can customize your Bamboo Fence using Bamboo from our own groves insuring the finest product, processing and construction of your bamboo fences. We guarantee that you will not find a more beautiful, longer lasting or better constructed bamboo fence anywhere. A Big Bamboo Company Good Neighbor Fence has the amazing effect of immediately transforming your entire landscape!
Categories: Bamboo Roll Fencing 
3. Bamboo Decor
Decorative application is the most common use of bamboo.

We grow and produce many species of bamboo and process it just for your. Whether you need a ceiling, a bar, or materials for a special project we can help you.
Categories: Decorative Bamboo 
4. Bamboo Flooring
Bamboo Flooring is both durable and beautiful. Stronger than oak with extraordinary character. Plus, it's moderate price gives it an edge over traditional hardwood flooring.

Our experience in Bamboo flooring started 6 years ago when we were among the first to install Bamboo Flooring in Georgia in my home.
Categories: Prefinished Bamboo Flooring 
5. Bamboo Lumber
Our Bamboo lumber can be produced and processed per our customers exacting specifications.

We can provide beautiful green bamboo or if preferred, our beautiful dry-kilned bamboo lumber. From Bamboo slats to 1/4 or 1/2 bamboo rounds.
Categories: Bamboo Lumber  Green Bamboo Lumber  Polished Bamboo 
6. Bamboo Services
From environmental design and decorating to special processing or large orders, our range of specialized services covers any need.

We can handle special orders and shipping needs, on-location construction, short notice, large order or small, special post harvest processing, custom fabrication, and provide free estimates and samples.
Categories: Bamboo Processing  Decor Bamboo Design 
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